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Garage Gurgulitza is an experimental vocal performance based on a polyphonic repertoire of folk songs from different countries such as Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece and Israel.


Collaborating with stage director Adrienn Bazsó and designers Saba Tsereteli and Vanessa Vadineanu, Gurgulitza gives an original interpretation of the folk materials, using vocal improvisation, theatrical elements and audience participation. 


Garage Gurgulitza is planned to take place in unconventional urban spaces such as garages and abandoned buildings, where the trio can perform in front of an audience of several dozen people without amplification and will be premiered during spring 2022.


The project is supported by Musikfonds e.V. and Mifal Hapais Council for Culture & Arts.


April 30 2022 / ATELIER VULKANFIBERFABRIK / Werder (Havel), Germany 

May 8 2022 / ATELIER VULKANFIBERFABRIK / Werder (Havel), Germany 

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